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He is My Soul Mate or Not

He is my soul mate or not? I often meet friends, especially women who often asked about that. They asked whether the current partner is her soul mate, if soul mate why she was not happy? For that, I try to explain it is through this article, which I quote from Dorothy Thompson (Relationship expert and author of three books on the subject of soul mates).

I had a friend tell me not too long ago that she had been with a man for a long time and she was positive she was totally in love with him – and not lust love – and she could not say if he was her soul mate and if he felt the same. She wanted to know she could say, which is one of the most common questions I hear. Read the rest of this entry »

Success by Understanding 7 Universal Laws

Seven Universal Laws of Success? You must read this articles to find out about this universal Law. Success is a life filled with appreciation and gratitude. You could say that the true meaning of success is the ability to fulfill your desires effortlessly and easily. So, the meaning of success is the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals by honoring others.

Yet success – all by itself, including the creation of wealth, was considered by some process that requires hard work, and is often considered by some to be at the expense of others. What’s needed is a more spiritual approach to success and wealth, which is the abundant flow of all good things to you. Read the rest of this entry »

Kundalini Meditation – The Great Invocation

Kundalini Meditation is an “activation” meditation. It is a simple visualization that activates your body’s energy system (its chakra system) and pump energy (chi, prana, whatever.) In this physical world to help ascend (enlighten) ourselves determination and to this planet.

This is a powerful meditation, and you can expect “things” happen in your life. I talk a lot about what you can expect, why you can expect it, and why this all works in ‘The Dossier of the Ascension’. Unless you have a strong spirit of spiritual training, I recommend that you take up this meditation to be consulted before undertaking this meditation. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Reach Your Higher Self

Can we Reach our Higher Self? As you grow spiritually, you’re on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. You will understand more the mysteries of the universe and learn the tools of personal transformation. Connecting to your higher self will give your life to become effortless and joyful. Your higher self is that part of you that is continuously connected to the light.

As you open to higher dimensions of yourself, you may lift the veils of illusion and see the world through the eyes of your higher self. You will link your throat to your higher self and truth and love in all you say. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian Angels – How to Make Contact

Angels have become a hot topic. Everyone seems to have angels on their mind these days. So how to Contact Your Guardian Angels? Everyone has guardian angels, but many people are just too busy to hear them. Angels are polite and have strict orders not to interfere in our daily lives, except in dire circumstances. They will, however, drop subtle messages to keep us out of trouble if we are alert enough to catch them.

There are times it would be nice to talk and hear to your guardian angels on a first name basis. You wish to find out the name of your angels? There are many ways. For those interested, here’s some information for you :

Preparation to be most receptive and intuitive : Read the rest of this entry »

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Receiving Abundance is an Art Form

Why I said Receiving Abundance is an Art Form? Let’s look at the following explanation… Most of us give easily, but often have resistance to the receiving. There is an art receiving and once we start holding our self in a place of good feeling, we come to recognize and appreciate that it is a joy for people to give. Receive becomes more natural and comfortable as we practice book, graciously leaving the flow, which honors both the giver.

Everything is vibration. It’s easy to find your place vibration on most topics, if you imagine having a stick or a vibration meter on a variety of materials, which are described in my book, magnetizing the desire of your heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Create Wealth – Recognize the 8 Myths About It

Can we create wealth? You’ve probably read or heard about various myths arround create wealth and wealthy people are valid, that your quest for financial independence obstructed. This is the most common and most destructive :

Myth No. 1 : How much you earn depends on how hard you work

If they were true, then the blue collar workers and physical, which had worked hard for years have been the richest people on earth. Of course, this isn’t true. They form the bulk of the workforce and the vast majority of middle class. Read the rest of this entry »

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